Matt Stofko
PO Box 14707
Portland, OR 97293

Hi! I'm a software engineer and systems administrator specializing in web applications and release management. I've built web applications used by thousands of customers while managing all of the quirks that go with it: scaling legacy code, streamlining development by creating in-house APIs, working with the product team to maintain a consistent GUI, building development and QA systems, and helping to maintain the production environment. I've been using Perl, Linux, FreeBSD, MySQL, and Apache for over a decade, and have recently become a big fan of Python and JavaScript. I have a passion for building great products on a budget using well-tested processes. I think completing projects is just as much fun as the act of working on them.

Here's a list of my previous experience.

Lead Engineer, DevOps
Blurb, Inc.
July 2016 - April 2018
    - Technical lead for DevOps / TechOps / NetEng / DBA team.
    - Developed custom provisioning process to support both on-premise KVM and AWS server deployments using Ansible, Packer, and HashiCorp Vault within a single UI.
    - Aided engineering teams in root cause analysis of performance problems in Ruby on Rails and Java microservices architecture.
    - Implemented Icinga 2.1 and Thousand Eyes to provide full monitoring coverage of both internal and external systems and networks.
    - Lead initiative to develop engineering guidelines around deployments, troubleshooting, security, and coding standards.
    - Participated in a 24x7 on-call rotation.
    - Worked with team to redesign old Jenkins 1.x ad-hoc job workflow into a pipeline-oriented Jenkins 2.x system.

Senior Systems Engineer
SurveyMonkey, Inc.
November 2013 - June 2016
    - Primary operations support for the Wufoo product (
    - Helping support development and production environments using OpenStack, VMware, KVM, and bare metal systems on Dell hardware.
    - Supporting Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows back-end systems for multiple products.
    - Participating in a 24x7 on-call rotation.
    - Responsible for architecture and day-to-day operations of a 500GB/day Splunk installation.
    - Ran the day-to-day operations of the Portland colocation presence.
    - Defined and developed a custom virtualization strategy with KVM, bash, MySQL, and ZFS.
    - Developed configuration management system using ansible (-pull and -vault).

Sole Proprietor
November 2012 - Present
    - Providing custom software solutions and hardware support.
    - Community work: Maintainer of the Yubico FreeBSD ports (found at

An example of a public software project written for a client:

Lead Engineer
June 2011 - November 2012
    - Developed custom back-end solutions for clients primarily using Perl, Python, MySQL, and JavaScript in a Linux and FreeBSD environment.
    - Supported security and privacy related auditing, research, and product development primarily based around web, mobile, and networking technologies.
    - Managed the development environment for all products using Git, BIND, Apache, MySQL, ssh, ipfw, dovecot and squid on FreeBSD 8.2.

An example of a public JavaScript project for

An example of research done on persistent tracking cookies:

Senior Engineer
Fonality, Inc.
Culver City, CA
November 2006 - June 2011
    - Worked with the product and systems teams to design new features to satisfy requirements of new software releases and ensure availability of technical resources to guarantee project success.
    - Designed and engineered GUIs for the PBXtra and trixbox Pro products, and Intranet and Internet sites using Template Toolkit, JavaScript and CSS.
    - Designed back-end systems for the PBXtra and trixbox Pro products including scaling and performance enhancements in Perl with Apache, MySQL, and memcached.
    - Managed code releases using Subversion to ensure code was tagged, sent to QA, and released to alpha, beta, and production servers.
    - Collaborated with the systems team to automate common infrastructure tasks, provide coverage for the CentOS infrastructure, and develop business processes.
    - Supervised a five-person team of Perl, JavaScript, and Java developers to ensure successful completion of various projects.

A video tutorial of the Fonality 5 product that my team and I worked on can be found at (37 megabytes).

A video tutorial of the FindMe feature that I designed can be found at (14 megabytes).

References available on request.
You can find me on LinkedIn at